Friday, April 10, 2009

Perhaps I HAVE Changed My Spendthrift Ways?

If you look at the details of my networth, you'll see that I have shloads of credit card debt. I wish I have a good excuse for it, but I don't. It was spent on designer purses, jewelry, fancy vacations,restaurants and shoes. You know, all necessities. ;-D

Although I strive to live a simpler and more frugal life, my spendthrift way is just lurking right below the surface. I have this nagging doubt that I haven't changed organically or internally at all. I can't help but to think that I'm only reacting to external factors, such as an impending layoff and my debts.

But something happened yesterday that made me think that perhaps I have changed. A SHOE EMERGENCY!! [Cue dramatic music.]

It happened near the end of the work day. I was walking, walking, walking until I heard a big crack and my left leg wobbled. Thank goodness (?) I have short legs and a low center of gravity since I would've otherwise done a face-plant.

Anyhow, the old Shtinky would've taken this as a true emergency. I would've left work early, headed to Nordstrom or Macy's to buy a replacement pair of shoes. $350 for a pair? Wow, that's expensive, but I have the credit-limit available! No problem!

And don't think the thought didn't cross my mind. In fact, I'm ashamed to admit I seriously PONDERED whether this qualified as an "emergency" thus allowing me to tap my emergency fund. After all, I AM at work and I shouldn't be walking around barefoot in the office, right?

Wrong. I sucked it up and taped up my heel. Can you see the clear tape around the left shoe in the picture?

Perhaps it wasn't really safe for me to walk around in the taped-up shoe, but how dangerous is it for me to walk from the office to my car to my apartment? Not much.

I'm proud to say, I've decided not to replace the shoe. I have several other similar style shoe in the same color. I'm seeing this as a good sign that I've changed my spendthrift ways. :-D

Okay, enough with patting myself on the back; I'm moving on to a rant.

I swear, I will never buy Jessica Simpson shoes ever again. It's not expensive but it's not cheap either. A shoe should last more than a couple of years, don't you think? I mean my Stuart Weitzman shoes have lasted me over 7 years! (It needs serious polishing, though. Heh heh.)

I guess this is a lesson learned: Buy good shoes, especially if you intend to wear them for a long time.

P.S. Hope you're all having a wonderful Passover and Good Friday. And have a wonderful Easter!


Miss M said...

I wear through shoes really quickly regardless of quality. There is no reason for me to buy high end shoes, they'll be scuffed the first day. I love that you taped up the shoe and went on with your day, sorry that it broke :( I haven't asked recently, how is MJ?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sorry about the shoes, but its great you will make do with your other pairs!! have a great easter break my dear!

jpkittie said...

What a bummer about the shoes! But how proud I am of you for not going right out to get new ones... perhaps the Easter Bunny will hide some new ones for you ;)

Happy Easter!

QL girl said...

How many times did you wear them? I rarely buy "high end" shoes, and most of my shoes could last me years (if I didn't get tired of them). Maybe you should give the manufacturer's a call or doesn't sound like a typical thing (unless it's already happened to you with that same brand.)

By the way, nice job with the tape!

444 said...

It looks like you have good taste in shoes and probably dainty little feet to go with them. The only thing I can (or I guess, choose to) wear is lesbian-like big clodhoppers, usually sneakers.

*non-offense disclaimer goes here. I wouldn't make fun of people including my best friend. I'm making fun of myself. Even if my friend also wears clodhoppers. Now that I mention it, she wears more feminine shoes than I do... :o/

It's good that you recognized that you only need X number of pairs of shoes. I saw a show recently about people with terrible spending addictions, and almost without exception, the women had pathological collections of way too many shoes.

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