Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nabbed By Stupid Late Fees

Nothing makes me feel more stupid and angry like late fees. I was nabbed with $105 in late fees this month.

Late Fee #1: State Bar MCLE Compliance Fee $75
This one really ticks me off. I paid my state bar dues ($410!) timely via the state bar website. Anyhow, had I paid via US Mail, I would've also included the MCLE compliance card where I affirm that I've complied with the continuing education requirements of the bar. But because I paid via their website, I needed to go to another section to click the button that affirms my compliance. Well... I forgot to do the second part. In my defense, I really have to say, the state bar website format sucks. The interface is so user unfriendly and cumbersome. Feh! Like THAT defense will hold up. So here I am, going back to their suck-y website to pay the late bogus penalty fee.

Late Fee #2: Late Rent $30
D'OH! I'm such a Homer Simpson. I wrote my check out on 4/1/09. I was going to go to the rental office on the weekend (4/4 or 4/5) to pay. And I promptly forgot until I was served with a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit yesterday. I immediately ran to the rental office to give them my first check for $1,275 and I had to shamefully write out another check for $30. As I was chatting with the rental office gal, she told me, "Don't worry. This month we had a LOT of delinquencies." I guess this is a sign that many of my fellow neighbors are suffering financial distress in this economy. Not good at all.

Sigh... there goes my savings for this month. All because of my boneheadedness.


jpkittie said...

that sucks!!!! I bet next month you will make sure to get to your rent on time for sure! $ for just a day or two, gets me so mad!!!

Miss M said...

We all have our forgetful months, but it does suck! Lately our problem has been parking tickets, Mr M attracts them like a magnet. I'm sorry they got you :(

444 said...

Aw, darn. I was hoping you were going to say it was credit card late fees. Those are easy to call and beg out of.

We all pay things late now and then. I do resent the way people get nickeled and dimed for that, though. It's not as if you didn't pay. Just be glad it wasn't bounced checks and all the fallout that can follow from that.

Needs Help said...

I had to pay a late fee on my storage unit because a got a new debit card due to a fraud alert. I forgot this was the card the company had on file to automatically charge at the first of the month. So frustrating!!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Augh, that STINKS!!! Late fees are the worst because they could have been avoided and you'll never get that money back. Dang!

RTC said...

How frustrating! I hope the rest of your month gets better.

JACLYN said...

Boo to the late fees! :)