Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Reason to Be Financially Responsible

Being in my mid-to-late 30's, I seem to get hit on by three distinct group of men: unhappily married men, divorced men or "men" in their 20s. I'm really not interested in dating right now, but the older I get, I may start preferring younger men to divorcees. After all, divorced men may carry more baggage than American Airlines. (Yes, yes, I know. The older I get, the younger guys are less likely to find me as desirable. I get it.) And do I really need to explain why married men are a no-no?

And before you rag on me about my comment about divorced men, keep in mind that the same thing can be said about older, unattached women like me and I don't necessarily disagree. Case in point, read Joe's comment as to why some older men date age-inappropriate younger women.

Anyhow, what is a cougar, you ask? Well, the primary definition would be:

In the 80's, it included:

But I'm talking about:

For you young'uns:

And if you want "cougar" described in modern terms, Urban Dictionary provides "colorful" definitions.

According to Digital City:
The cougar's diet consists of two main staples: fine food and younger men. After having lived a little longer and being pretty prosperous, they have the money to spend on the finer things in life.

For this reason, you'll find these ladies dining at hip and/or high-end establishments where they can brandish their American Express cards while paying for caviar and lobster. Of course, she'll often be accompanied by an attractive younger man.

Hmmmm.... okay. I've definitely lived a little longer. But I'm definitely not "pretty prosperous". After all, I have shloads of debt and I definitely don't have money to blow right now.

Digital City also claims:
Once the predator has caught her prey, she will treat him to many of the finer things that she herself has been enjoying.

Hmmmm... I can barely afford the finer things in life for myself now, much less my "prey".

I guess this gives me new motivation to become financially responsible and independent. I'm not seeking financial security for myself. Oh, no. It's so I can find validation of my self-worth through a cougar-prey! Yes, yes. That will be my new goal in life - - to become a financially responsible cougar.


Miss M said...

Hilarious! There is a new reality show called the cougar. Mr. M is actually a divorcee, though he likes to say it didn't count. It collapsed very quickly because she was cheating and refused to stop. But I do believe it has an effect on our relationship, so I understand your comments about baggage. Don't limit yourself too much, well other than the married man part, definitely stay away from them. But you might overlook a really cool guy who happened to be married before. It gets harder as we get older, most of our peers have been married before.

Shtinkykat said...

I too have dated a divorcee in the past. I didn't mean to imply that I've shut our divorcees from consideration. After all, single men my age will most likely have had a marriage (or two) under their belt. I just wanted to poke fun at this new trend in cougar-dom. I guess I'll update my post to make the above clear.

K-money said...

I bypassed all that cougar business by finding a younger man while we were both in our 20s. I guess I'll be growing into cougardom.

Money Funk said...

LOL! Love the post. I was thinking about that topic recently... if I become single ever again... I think I would be a cougar. Because... I am not interested in putting up with older men set in their ways when I am set in mine. My independence would definitely clash! Come here my young man. ;)~

So, because of the finances your stuck with the divorcee, I see.

Meyser said...

You could always go for the older single man, who lives with his mother and never learned to do something on his own? :p
Nice post :) (and I guess every kind of motivation that works is a good one?)

paranoidasteroid said...

This made me laugh really hard, especially at Mellencamp.

frugal zeitgeist said...

My ex-husband was younger than me and it put me right off younger men. I still like to look at them, though, especially that young Dev Patel.

MoneyMateKate said...

I've wanted a divorced man since I was a teenager. I decided at 15 that I didn't want kids of my own, so I'd have to end up with a guy who'd already had a bunch with a previous wife. So I'm just sitting in my ivory tower awaiting the demise of many a marriage so that there are more men on the playing field. I'd like one who had a strict-around-the-house wife, so he'll be well-trained and think it's divinely decadent to put his feet on the coffee table. Hey, this divorced late-30s girl can dream, right? And I'm the perfect divorcee - ex is on another continent, we're not in touch, it ended 12 years ago, and the big issue was crossdressing (him, not me). He left me with the least "baggage" of all!

Ms. MoneyChat said...

LOL! Let me know how that goes. LOL. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a cougar;-).

Savings not Shoes said...

I love this post. You should have seen me watching 17 again at the cinema--I felt like SUCH a cougar!

Bonnie said...

I love OLDER men, so I will never be a cougar. :) My boyfriend is 8 years older than me and I love it!

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