Monday, September 8, 2008

In Defense of Expensive Purses

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, I've packed away my white shoes and purse. I cleaned my white Coach purse with a leather cleaner and conditioner, and put in a clean cotton bag before I stored it away in my closet.

I looked at my purse collection and started pondering about how I came about owning all of my purses.

My confession: One of the reasons why I'm $13,000 in credit card debt is because I like "expensive" purses. I'm not talking about Louis Vitton, Chanel or Hermes expensive. (I knew even during my financially irresponsible days that I couldn't afford those purses!) But I've always fancied Coach and Kate Spade handbags. My one big splurge was on a black Ferragamo purse.

My defense to owning these purses: I always buy purses with classic designs, maintain them, and use them for several years. Since the craftsmanship of these expensive purses are superb, they can last many years. For example, I've owned my white Coach purse for 3 years. I've had my Ferragamo purse for 13 years now. (It's a vintage!)

Since I'm not in the fashion industry or a Hollywood insider, I really don't need to have a new trendy purse every week, month or year. (I just need different purses in different color for different occasions.)

If the purse still looks clean and new, no one cares whether I'm carrying a Coach purse from 2 seasons ago or a Kate Spade purse from last season's collection. Besides, does my Ferragamo purse look 13 years old?

So I've made a new commitment: I will continue to buy "expensive" purses but only to replace my current purse when it truly shows its age and/or it falls apart. I will only buy a purse if I have the cash to pay for it. I will no longer go into debt to buy an "expensive" purse.

I'm glad to report that I've already exercised this restraint during my visit to Paris in May. While I was at the JFK airport terminal (before our flight to Paris), the metal screw on the handle of my Kate Spade purse came loose. I tried screwing it back in (really, I TRIED) but it was of no use. When I arrived in Paris, I purchased a Lamarthe purse for 194 euros (approx. $310 at the time) that I paid in cash.

Oh, and here's another benefit to buying an expensive purse -- Kate Spade will repair my purse for free.


Anonymous said...

how do you clean your purses?

Shtinkykat said...

I have a leather cleaner and conditioner that I bought from Coach several years back. (I checked their website and it's $10 each now.) I use a shoemitt to clean off as much dirt and then use another shoemitt to condition it. It works pretty well. :-D