Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheap Stuff To Do In Vegas

I'm headed to Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend. So far, the plan hasn't been prudent or frugal. BUT, we're only spending a day and a half so I can't really do much damage, right? I've also been doing a bit of research to rein in the spending.

Here are some of the things I can do:

$0.00: Usually, this time of the year, Vegas gets pretty cold. But based on the weather we're having lately, it looks like we're going to have an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving. I'll be packing my bathing suit and spending some time at the pool.

$0.00: Since I'll have a car, I'm thinking of taking a side-trip downtown and check out the Fremont Street Experience. The FSE is a 90-foot-canopy that covers the entire street. Every hour between sunset and midnight it comes alive as Viva Vision -- an integrated video, graphics, and music show.

$0.99: Deep fried Twinkies and Oreos. I really don't care much for Twinkies or Oreos. But deep fried Twinkies and Oreos drizzled in chocolate and covered with powdered sugar? I'm intrigued!

$1.99: While we're Downtown, I'll have a classic shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate's San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli. Or I may have the $2.99 big shrimp cocktail instead. Back when I was a college student, the shrimp cocktail in a parfait glass cost $.99 and it impressed the heck out of me. I wonder if I'll still be impressed?

$0.00: The emerging Downtown Arts District may have some free gallery tours and special events.

$2.50: The Plaza in Downtown has cheap well drinks.

$7.77: At Mr. Lucky's 24/7 in the Hard Rock Hotel, I can order the Gambler's Special: Steak, three grilled shrimp, a choice of potato or broccoli and a salad. It's not on the menu -- I'll have to ask the server -- and is available around the clock.

$0.00: Free admission to Mix Lounge at THEhotel before 10 p.m. (I don't stay up much later than that anyways! LOL.)

$12.95: I can live out my fantasy to be a Showgirl. Just kidding. But I could be part of the Rio Casino's Masquerade in the Sky show.

$7.50: Try Mo's chocolate covered bacon bar at the Forum Shopes at Caesars Palace. I know it sounds disgusting but I've heard people RAVING about this.

$0.00: Centaur Art Gallery at the Fashion Show Mall.

$0.00: Last time my sister and I were in Vegas, we couldn't catch the Sirens of TI show due to high winds. Hopefully we'll catch it this time.

Why do I get the feeling that I'll suffer from a massive sugar coma during this Vegas trip? Anyhow, here's a good guide for doing Sin City on a budget. Viva Lost Wages and have a great weekend folks!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you found so many cheap (and free) things to do. I spend to much in Vegas. I banded myself from that city. HAHA

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, what a list! the food part sounds scrumptious, wish I was gonna be there too!

justpassingthrough said...

thanks for the list on bargains! I pinched it for my website. I won't show you the one I had there as it wasn't budget friendly, but I did see this other one just now.

sounds like you have it covered though. have fun! (I'm jealous)

Miss M said...

You're not going to be there long enough but when you have a chance there are some neat things around Vegas, Hoover dam, Red Rock (nature) and Valley of Fire (amazing rock formations and ancient petroglyphs). I always enjoyed just walking around and checking out the casinos and window shopping.

jpkittie said...

impressive! now stick to it!!!!

Donna Freedman said...

The people-watching in Vegas is amazing.
So are some of the bigger casinos, such as New York New York (I think that's the name of it...been years since I visited Sin City), the Bellaggio, the Luxor, etc. It can be fun just to wander through and look at stuff.
Maybe some handsome high-roller will take a shine to you and buy you TWO shrimp cocktails...!
Lying by a pool sounds like a lot of fun, too. And at times, a simple change of scenery can be restorative.
Keep an eye out for dropped cash, though! People get excited and/or drunk and can be a little careless. Maybe you'll find enough to cover your hotel room. ;-)