Monday, November 17, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

I recently discovered that my renters insurance policy did not have replacement guarantee, so I called my insurance agent.


I was relieved to learn that replacement cost coverage only increases my premium by $26/year.

If I could've reached through the phone, I would've throttled my agent when she chirped, "Why did you wait so long to add this?" When I told her about how the replacement cost "mysteriously" got dropped over the years, she looked at my auto policy. As it turns out, I don't have uninsured motorist coverage either. Are you freakin' kidding me?? Arrrrrggggh!!

I got "upsold" on uninsured motorist and this other "accident forgiveness" coverage. (Actually, based upon my driving skills, this may actually be useful.) This extra coverage costs $38/year.

I'm counting my lucky stars that I didn't discover these deficiencies until after I suffered a significant loss. What's the point of having an insurance agent if they're not looking after your interests? Maybe I should check out E-surance or Progressive Insurance.


Sunflowers said...

Ok, this is off-topic but... I love those kitty pics! ;) I also enjoy saying the name of your blog when I come here - "shtinkykat"! lol!

Ahem. Back to topic. I should check my renter's insurance to see what we have covered. I hate that they don't have a website, and that I need to call them to find out any info!

Anyway... good job catching that when you did!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, you've made a lot of discoveries on this. Thank goodness it was now, rather than later!

jpkittie said...

glad that you found this out now & took care of it :)

that is horrible how things happen like that --- it shows that every time we receive our policy for the year we need to read it to make sure it is what we think it is ;)

Shtinkykat said...

Sunflowers: Whenever I can't find an appropriate photo for my post, my fall back has been LOLCats. I'm glad you like my name. Just be careful not to misspell my name. Hopefully your insurance agent hasn't dropped the ball.

Sharon Rose and jpkittie: Thanks! Let me be a lesson to all.

Miss M said...

We have progressive and they've been OK, though not great. Two years ago an uninsured driver took out the front of my car, they didn't want to pay for manufacturers parts and fought us on having an alignment done! I paid the additional cost of the parts. But, they've always been courteous and for the most part everything got taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I was taught years ago to sit down with my agent once a year. So each year I call and go in for about 10 minutes and discuss all of our policies. We have had the same company for 15 years. Last year when my son had a fender bender (his faught) I walked in and gave them the paperwork and they handled everything. It was more than smooth.

I highly recommend insurance check-ups.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Augh, so frustrating! Good thing you double checked.

And I love the way you incorporate LOLCats into your blog posts! =)