Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wha, Wha, Whaaat?

Holy cr&p. I survived another round of layoffs - kind'a sorta. I'm at work and I can't really post the details. I'll do that later tonight.

Part of the reason why I survived is because home office decided to close other offices. (This was completely unexpected.) It's horrible to think that someone else's job loss saved mine. As if this economy isn't depressing enough...

I have VERY mixed feelings about this and I'm really confused right now. Thank heavens for beer. And vodka. And ice cream.


Anonymous said...

If you were on tenterhooks from the moment you arrived this morning, you're probably facing an adrenaline crash. First nap time, then Haagen Dazs with a side of somethin' stronger. Enjoy the reprieve!

Anonymous said...

Have a beer for me! I have to play volleyball tonight.