Friday, October 3, 2008

My FICO Score Improved!

I just discovered that my FICO score improved to 712!

What's hurting my scores are:

  1. Serious past delinquencies
  2. Bad payment history
  3. Accounts with balances.

What's helping my scores are:

  1. Bills paid on time recently (for the past 4 years, 11 months)
  2. Long account history
  3. Low credit usage (Considering I owe $12,743 on one credit card, this doesn't sound right. But who am I to complain?)

I checked my FICO score back in December '07, so none of this is news to me. My score at the time was 699.

I admit I was a wee bit disappointed that my score didn't improve to 720 by now. But perhaps this goal was a bit too ambitious.

Regardless, this confirms that I'm doing things right. My continued efforts plus the passage of time will improve my score more.

My new goal is to improve my FICO score to 725+, which will bump me up to the "Very Good" credit risk category. Happy Friday, y'all!


    Anonymous said...

    Thats grest! I will check mine on Jan 2009 :)My biggest problem is short credit hsitory and many credit inquries.

    Shtinkykat said...

    I wouldn't worry too much about either. If you don't have negative payment histories like I do (he he), you'll probably be in the mid-700 range. And that is so awesome!