Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Hope I Get Accepted to Pinecone!

My recent post pondered whether I should "snowflake" random extra income like my recyclable redemptions.

Frugal Chick snowflakes her Pinecone survey payments. According to Frugal Chick:

Pinecone is a very reputable survey site that is a bit elusive. They usually pay $3 a survey, and I tend to get one every couple of weeks or so. You can't simply sign up on their site--you have to search for a banner or happen to chance upon one and then qualify once you've clicked on it. Keep your eyes peeled if you like doing surveys for a bit of extra cash!

I just registered through a link at this site and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be accepted. (It's very possible that I may be rejected since I didn't register through a random banner.)

[Note: It's also very possible that this link may not be valid. But since the url appears to be Pinecone's and the registration does not ask for sensitive information such as Social Security number, I rolled the dice that it is legitimate.]

Jonathan at My Money Blog reviewed his experience as a Pinecone participant here. Jonathan's tips include: (1) be truthful in your registration and (2) be prompt in taking the surveys.

Now I realize $3 every other week isn't much, but I guess that's the philosophy behind snowflaking -- each snowflake is small but if you accumulate enough, you'll get a snowball.



Shtinkykat said...

Oh woops. I guess I should have read the referring website. Looks like the banner was intended for people of Latino or Hispanic decent. Oh well. I guess I'll just wait for the rejection.

Shtinkykat said...

Update - I just got the following email from Ms. Scott @ Pinecone Research:

Thank you for signing up for the PineCone Research online consumer panel! In order for us to finish processing your registration, we have a few additional questions for you. Your prompt response is appreciated and will put you into the queue for your first paid survey.
Once your final registration is processed and accepted, you will receive a "Welcome" email. At that time, the ID and password shown above will allow you to access the Member Login Area on the PineCone Research web site.

So far so good!

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