Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reorg Madness

What a day. Mid-morning, we got a company-wide meeting notice via email. At the meeting, our new President (since about August) announced that my department's VP was "retiring" next year and that we were being consolidated under another department's VP.

My company is organizationally top heavy, so the elimination of certain people in upper management did not come as a surprise. What surprised me, though, was who survived the reorganization. The VP to whom my department will now report, has had serious problems with employee retention over the past few years. Her reputation is that she is tough and smart, but that she's also quick to anger and eager to point fingers. Although I'm not looking forward to this change, I also believe that I owe it to the new VP to give her a chance.

My immediate supervisor got demoted to a desk job. He's extremely angry and bitter about this turn of event because until this morning, he thought his middle-management job was safe. Instead, the woman who he thought was going to be demoted kept her job and he was transferred to a completely different division.

The worst part of this reorganization is that I'll now be reporting to a friend with whom I've had a flirtatious (but non romantic) relationship. This creates some awkwardness that I hope we can overcome. Thank goodness I never sh&t where I ate. (Remember folks: Never sh!t where you eat!)

A fellow blogger said it best:
Survived a layoff? Hooray! You didn’t just keep your job, you’ve won 3-jobs-in-1! You are awarded the added work of Laid-Off Loretta and Given-the-Heave-Ho Gary.

To help you handle the longer days and heavier workload, instead of overtime, which is morally repugnant because it involves time-and-a-half pay, Crystal Meth will be made available to you at market price.

Staying afloat is not an option. You must be more productive than before. Here's a helpful tip from management: to find your motivation, always keep in mind that a second round of layoffs is being planned.

Congratulations on still being employed! Now it’s onward to bigger things such as nervous breakdowns and heart attacks. You’ve earned it.


jpkittie said...

it is a good & bad thing of course --- the good being that you dont' have to file unemployment & get the smaller pay --- always have to think of the positive...


Shtinkykat said...

Thanks. And yes. I'm trying to take a step back and have some perspective on this. You're right. I need to focus on the positives as well.

FruGal said...

I have been through endless redundancy rounds at my last job, and although I survived them and left in the end because I found a new job, it was awful working there. Everyone was completely demoralised and unmotivated and mostly just spent all their time looking for new jobs. Do you think you will start looking for something new?

MoneyMateKate said...

Cute cartoon - at least your sense of humor, wry though it may be, is still intact.

Tag - you're it! I've named you as a favorite blog in my 10/31 post. If you're looking for a distraction from watching the staff at your company shrink on a daily basis, you might enjoy listing 7 Things We Should Know About Shtinkykat.