Monday, June 29, 2009

Post of Shame

This is the PF blog equivalent of the walk of shame. I've been on a spending binge for the last 4 days. Just as a brief recap, I went to Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday and I had a professional portrait taken on Saturday. It was a shockingly expensive spending bonanza.

Thursday (6/25/09)
I spent the day cleaning my apartment and buying food in preparation for my big sister's visit.

Bristol Farms: $28.11 (Nova lox, fresh squeezed orange juice, baguette, imported cheese, yogurt)
Farmer's Market: $8.09 (Veggies and fruit)
Ulta: $9.23 (Cosmetic item per big sis' request)
Target: $25.26 (Cleaning products, soaps, toilet paper, etc.)
TOTAL: $70.69

Friday (6/26/09)
Disneyland (paid by big-sis): $119 (Birthday free admission upgrade to 1-day Park Hopper; My share $25.)
Parking: $12.00
Concession Stand Purchases: $12 (1 water, 1 Coke, 2 churros)
Lunch: $58.39
Gas: $45.77
Dinner: $68.00
TOTAL: $196.16

Saturday (6/27/09)
Professional Make-up: $120.00 (including tip)
Brunch (paid by big-sis): $31.00
Professional Hair (paid by big-sis): $108 (My share $54)
Professional Portrait (paid by big-sis): $285 (My share $142.50)
DVD Rental: $10.85
Dinner: $66.00
Dessert: $8.00
TOTAL: $204.85

Sunday (6/28/09)
Lunch: $15.55
Gas: $9.28
TOTAL: $24.83

IOU to My Big-Sis: $140

GRAND TOTAL: $636.53

Egads. I'll explain tomorrow how I intend to pay for this. And I ain't too proud about how I'm going to pay about it either...


Carrie...On The Cheap said...

LOL! Walk of shame - that's hilarious. Well, that spending list was way more exciting than most I see!! :D

Ms. MoneyChat said...

hey chica, one question ... did you have fun?

surely does beat my unexpected $50 expenditure for spilling a blueberry smoothie on my very light carpet!! hey, if you're gonna have unexpected expenditures, at least have some fun.

now ... i'm eagerly waiting to hear how you're gonna pay for it;-).

RTC said...

No shame, S'kat. Just a little birthday splurge! Sounds fun.

Miss M said...

Ha ha, I've had a few of those lately too! Better than the other kind, which I'm proud to have left behind in my 20's. I hope you had a wonderful time with your sister, I'm sure you'll find a way to cover it. I keep a slush fund for just these kinds of weekends, it helps to cover the bill when we go a bit crazy. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. As long as it is the occassional weekend, it's OK.

444 said...

I can't wait to find out how you are going to come up with the money. I have sordid ideas in mind, but I bet it is going to be something even more evil, like using a credit card or something. ;oD

Bonnie said...

Beats my weekend, which involves having a cancelled flight and then having to rent a one-way rental car for a cool $400. Then having to pay another $300 to keep the car for two more days. (Original cost of renting car, had my flight not been cancelled: $119.)

As for you: all bets are off when siblings are in town. :)I spare no expense with the little bro.

MoneyFunk said...

Somehow I picture the fires of hell roaring as you get ready to tell how you shamefully plan on making up for your spending binge! LOL. Glad you had a good time. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! We've all been there and you did have fun :)