Friday, June 19, 2009

PF Fatigue Setting In

I’m suffering from a bad case of PF fatigue. I’m droppin’ Washingtons like there’s no tomorrow. Ha ha, just kidding. But I have been busting my budget.

First of all, I’ve been eating out most of this month, and the inside of my fridge looks like Stonehenge made of styrofoam take-out boxes. I just haven’t been motivated to grocery shop and cook. I guess it doesn’t help that food is the
only thing that relieves my daily stress at work and makes me happy these day...

Note: Not my fridge.

My budget is further busted since I’m having my professional portrait taken at the end of the month. I already bought a dress for this sitting ($106) but I'll also need to pay for professional make-up and hair. (No, I’m not getting them done at Glamour Shots.) I really have no special reason to have the photos taken other than that I don’t have very many photos of myself where I don’t look like a total dweeboid-mutant. I figure that when something sensationally horrific happens, my family will have a decent picture of me to give the police or the media. Or perhaps, maybe not…

And next month, my BFF and I will be having a girls’ staycation weekend in Orange County. My BFF and I did this back in December. We’re checking out the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach and we decided to take advantage of an awesome deal at the Wyndham where for $289 (tax not included) we'll get:

  • Overnight hotel accommodation

  • Two (2) premium signature cocktails (per reservation)

  • One (1) $50- giftcard from Chi-Chi Mall

  • Two (2) 50- minute massages at The Spa

I don't know why but I've fallen off the proverbial horse. I just need to find the motivation to get back on.


444 said...

HA! You're getting like me, typing " * not my fridge."

And thanks for confirming for me that those portraits are fake. Mr. 444 thought one of them was FOR REAL, but now that I see two of them, same people, different hair, I can tell him I was right.

Tfb said...

Me too... I was doing so well for months, and now it's all buy buy buy. I don't know, is it the season??

Miss M said...

It's OK, you can get back on the horse. Some months just get out of hand, we've all been there.

It sounds like work is busy at least, I hope that means no layoffs. The pageant sounds like it is amazing, I've only seen pictures and it's hard to believe it's real. I used to live down that way year ago, it seems like a whole different life. I bet I'd be broke if I had stayed, the OC is all about looking like money.

jpkittie said...

If it wasnt for my recent no spend 11 day stretch... I am defiantely having 'pf fatigue' as well... what to do ? how do you fight it?

Abigail said...

Hey, we've all been there. This past week, I had a cold and felt awful. So we ordered in some pizza. Frankly, I'm surprised we didn't do it more.

But last week, after Tim went and signed a contract with a lawyer to get his disability appealed, he was pretty upset. I remember how hard it was. So we went to Red Robin because a)we were both painfully hungry and b) he needed some comfort. Then, later that night, we had an argument because I was pissed about a couple of things. We both felt awful -- him for making me angry and me for having picked such a terrible day to be angry. So we ordered pizza. I forget what else, but I know for a fact we went overbudget.

Oh, and I had to spend yet another $70 that weekend. Because I had exactly one pair of shorts and two sports bras. With laundry only getting done once every two weeks. And me walking 3-4 times a week. Can you say ick?! So, went to Marshall's, got very little over $10, but for three pairs of shorts and four sports bras, it adds up. Sigh.

Six said...

I have been eating out a lot lately due to work and life related stress. Hang in there, and try to at least eat one home cooked meal, and then two and so on..
Good luck! As I type this I am simmering away this delightful recipe I found on Hopefully I can stay on track this week.

MoneyFunk said...

You will LOVE the Pageant of the Masters! I saw it when I was a kid and its still awesomely memorable to this day!

The pics are hilarious!

Bonnie said...

Even if they are fake, I never get tired of seeing those mullet family pictures. :)

I've had some PF fatigue lately, too. I'm attending a destination wedding I really can't afford, and I've bought some new clothes (albeit badly needed). It happens to the best of us!

Ms. MoneyChat said...

i'm with you 100% on food being enjoyable and a stress reliever.

as for pf fatigue, i'm blaming it on the summer months! i think we all have a touch of it - it's spreading faster than h1n1.