Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shtinkykat Has A New Laptop

I've been without a home computer for over a year now. I set aside some money last year to pay for a laptop but I instead used it to pay for my cat's vet bill and a set of new tires. This year, I set aside some of my bonus money to buy a new laptop, but I didn't plan to buy one unless I absolutely needed to (i.e., when I get laid off).

Before I go on, have you ever prepared for an event only to forget its purpose?

I wrote a semi-smug, self-congragulatory post about setting aside money to cover future cost of living increases. But I boneheadedly forgot that I should probably buy a big-ticket item before California sales tax goes up effective 4/1/09. (Click here to see your city's new sales tax rate.)

Thankfully, I've got the financially savvy Miss M, watching my back. (A shout out to Miss M: Thanks for the reminder!)

So I took the plunge and bought myself a pink laptop. Yep, pink. Sad to say, that was my sole criteria for my new laptop, so I was limited to buying a Dell Inspiron laptop. (I realize I may be too old to be buying pink computers but Dell is going donate $5 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation if I went "pink". That'll be my excuse to the world.)

Anyhow, my final price for my laptop was $907.93, including 7.75% sales tax. This is within my budget and I feel great that I'll be paying for my laptop with cash, but I can't help feel a bit of buyer's remorse.

In hindsight, I made the stupid mistake of upgrading components while I was building my computer online. Did I really need 3GB vs. 2GB of RAM? Did I really need a 320GB vs. 160 GBHard Drive? This is gonna gnaw on me for awhile.

On the bright side, the upgrades bumped the price above the $799 threshold, thereby giving me free shipping and handling ($25 off) and allowing me to take advantage of a 20% off coupon code ($208.80 off).

I guess part of the remorse came about after seeing an ad from Fry's that sold comparable laptops for much less. Oh well. I guess I paid a premium to own a pink laptop. And atleast I didn't pay an additional $9 in taxes.

Update: Now that I think about it, I guess I did have several other criteria: I wanted an Intel (not AMD) processor, I wanted to own a name-brand laptop and no refurbished laptops, based upon my experience from owning 3 prior laptops.


Miss M said...

Congrats! I'm buying one in the next few days too, I finally have the money. Probably not pink though :( I think the upgrades are OK because laptops can't be upgraded in the future like desktops can, you want to go for something a little beyond your current needs so it isn't outdated in a year. The computers I'm looking at have almost the same stats. Did you buy direct from dell?

Shtinkykat said...

Yep, I bought directly from Dell. And thank you for making me feel better about the upgrades. :-P
I got the Dell Inspiron 1420, Intel Core 2 Duo T8300(2.4GHz, 800Mhz, 3M L2 Cache),
3GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm,
14.1 inch display (1280x800),
320G 5400RPM SAMSUNG Hard Drive,
8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive.
No camera, which is fine since I don't ever intend to webcam myself.

Bouncing Back said...

I'm in the market for a new laptop as well and have narrowed my choices down to two, final one to be decided in the next couple weeks-ie after I get paid from my weekend job for a couple weekends, I'll use the cash to buy the computer.

My boss is a big fan of refurbished electronics he buys a lot from Tiger Direct. I have decided not to buy a refurbished computer, the technology changes to quickly and I just am not "thrilled" with a refurbished computer.

paranoidasteroid said...

I am of the opinion that you should get as good of a computer as you can afford, so the upgrades were probably worth it. And Dells are great - I had my old desktop for 6 years before I finally caved and bought a new computer.

I went for a shiny white apple because it was pretty and small and paid a heck of a lot more than you did. So enjoy your pink laptop!

Sunflowers said...

The pink will brighten up your day! I also went for a colored laptop... red (and etched! :D). The lure of prettyshinycolors was too strong *_*...I couldn't resist! haha

Thanks for mentioning the tax increase! We're up to 9.25 now... ugh.

jpkittie said...

yippee pink! i would have gone the same way ;)

The Lost Goat said...

'grats on the laptop.

Money Funk said...

Sales tax is going up???? Ugh!

The Dell Inspirion has sooo many pretty colors. I am thinking I will be buying a new one soon, too. Tired of fighting with my son over the use of my computer! Great price, too!

Good job! :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-It sounds like a fab deal and overall you did get the main specifications you were after! Have fun surfing the net this weekend!

Inq said...

Hi Miss S,
New to your site. did you purchase an insurance as well?