Thursday, March 5, 2009

Funny Way to Show Appreciation to A Valued Customer

Wow. My financial relationship with Chase Credit Card has now officially started to resemble one of my (many) past dysfunctional romantic relationships.

Here’s a brief recap of my seriously disturbing history with Chase and my Ex (not Mr. Spock. He's one of the good ones.):
  1. CHASE: Wooed me with an awesome 5.99% APR until loan paid off deal. EX-BF: Wooed me with poems, dinner and chocolate.
  2. CHASE: Unitlaterally implemented monthly service charges. EX-BF: Unilaterally lowered the thermostat to arctic temps, kept toilet seats up and never replaced toilet paper.
  3. CHASE: Blackmailed me to make a 7.99% APR balance transfer to remove service charge. EX-BF: Blackmailed me to…. Ummmm… TMI. Never mind.
  4. CHASE: Gave’em the boot. EX-BF: Gave him the boot.

After the “Big Break-Up” , my ex had the gall to call me up weeks later to ask me, "Hey, do you want some special lovin'?" (Oh God, I think I swallowed my vomit then.)

In the same vein, I got a call from a telemarketer from Chase the other night. And no joke, the telemarketer asked, “As a valued customer of Chase Credit Cards, I am calling to see what we can do to improve our services to you?”

ARE YOU FREAKIN’ SERIOUS? Oh, man! This was my chance to give Chase a piece o’ my mind!

As I was preparing to lay my wrath upon the poor telemarketer, I remembered - - the guy is a working stiff just making a living. It's not like Jamie Dimon (CEO of Chase) called me.

I sucked it up and told the kid, "I cancelled my card and let me tell you why. Chase started charging me $10/month and boosted my minimum monthly payment to 5%. I know tons of people are ticked off by this. Good luck since I think you'll be dealing with tons of pissed off people."

The kid was surprised but said, "Uh... okay. Uhh... Thanks. Uhhh... have a good evening."

I'm still shaking my head. This is one of our better financial institutions, folks.


DogAteMyFinances said...

No, No. Not "better." Profitable. Now you see why!

Miss M said...

I think you handled it well, it's not his fault that chase treated you like dirt. But I'm glad you let him know why you dropped the card, hopefully it will improve customer service for their remaining customers.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the man at Chase wasn't your exs younger brother, LOL!! How spookily similiar, though!!

paranoidasteroid said...

Haha, I agree with Dog.

I always winp out saying what I really think. Good for you! Hopefully it helps someone else.

jpkittie said...

doesn't that suck! they are completely crazy - the changes for the credit card companies needs to happen sooner then next year! b/c of the changes, they are taking drastic measures to ensure that they piss us off now!

super cute how you compared them to your ex! haha

The Lost Goat said...

I see in the Wall Street Journal that Chase has decided to cease with the monthly fees and return all fees charged to cardholders due to "customer feedback." I am sure that the class action lawsuits for breach of contract (the Journal says there at least a dozen) didn't hurt either.