Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm So Stimulated!

Woo hoo! My paycheck today has an extra $6.79 due to the stimulus federal income tax reduction. And I thought I wouldn't qualify for a tax cut, silly me!

Ohhhh... what should I get with the extra $6.79/paycheck?

But alas, it's not enough to buy:

* An Aqua Globe ($9.99 on sale at CVS);

* A Flirty Girl DVD set ($9.99 for "Teaser Pack") [Note: It costs $10 to learn how to chair dance? I'm afraid to know how much it costs to learn how to pole dance!]

* An Old Navy Towngown ($25.00).

Speaking of towngowns, looks like everything old is new again. Oh Gawd. These dresses are giving me flashbacks of my fashion-challenged, misspent youth!! (See below, circa late 70's.)

Note to Parents: Dressing your children like this is child abuse! (Exception: Unless you're a cult member.)

Anyhoo, I'm just kidding about spending the extra $6.79. I'll bank it since I'll probably stimulate California by passing it through via my increased state income tax. (For cryin' out loud!)

Have a great weekend folks!


Miss M said...

Ack, I had dresses like that as a kid. Sadly it was reaching the 80s by then, my parents were always fashion challenged. I got a small boost in my paycheck too, which I don't get. Are we going to owe it come April? That's my guess.

Sharon Rose said...

Wow, you are good to save it, LOL! Have a lovely weekend my dear!

paranoidasteroid said...

My mother used to dress me and my sisters in matching outfits. This went on WAY past the point of normalcy.

P.S. The Debt Chrinicles said yo won her contest, so you might want to swing by and let her know where to send it!

Sallie's Niece said...

Oh my those dresses are something else!

Money Funk said...

Love the dress! ;)

And if you do iTunes you better do it quick cuz they are increasing it to $1.29. Hmmm...

Great job on the stimulus. There is oh so much you can do with that amount. Perhaps buy yourself lunch one day next week. :)

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

My parents still display a photo of me & my sis from 1978 in which I am wearing purple & pink PLAID bell-bottoms with a red tshirt (this was 'my' favorite outfit?!?) and sis is wearing a velour dress similar to those in your pic...I cringe every time I walk past the photo on the piano! I would BANK that change, $6.79 times 26 for biweekly pay = 6 of those hideous town dresses. (kidding)

Shtinkykat said...

Ha ha. Were our parents in the 70's on a collective acid trip when they dressed us kids?

jpkittie said...

How funny --- yes, the 'tax break' isn't really much --- we noticed that in DHs check this week --- but it wasn't unwelcomed since we are still getting used to the paycut that he had gotten ;) Happy Spending!!!! haha

Ms. MoneyChat said...

i'm so behind... did california increase taxes? whatever happened with the state refunds for this year?