Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Escaping Reality

Sorry for the lack of posts, folks. I really don't have much to say. And quite frankly, I've been avoiding dealing with reality, including my finances. The weight of the constant bad news about the economy, my job and my finances all suddenly came crashing down on me this past Friday evening. I was watching the evening news and I was overcome with feelings of nausea and disgust.

I decided I need a break. It's been great not reading/hearing/watching about recent layoffs, the tanking market and increased foreclosure rates.

Instead, I went to see Watchmen (matinee screening, of course) this past weekend. Do you want a finance tip? Go to the library and borrow Watchmen, the graphic novel, before you go see the movie. There were many people who came out of the movie theater scratching their heads asking, "What the h#ll was that all about?"

And, ironically, there's been no better refuge from reality than "reality TV". The best show to make yourself feel better about your scruples, morals and ethics has got to be Rock of Love Tour Bus on VH1. After all, it's a show where a former stripper and Penthouse Pet is the classiest contestant.

And that reminds me of this hilarious fake commentary from The Onion about skanks on reality shows.

But... no matter how much runaway from reality, it seems to keep sucking me right back in. My company will be having a company-wide meeting today. I wonder what bad news I can take today?


Bouncing Back said...

I decided a couple months ago to forgo my usual routine of watching the evening news because all the news was doom and gloom. I also only gave up a majority of my NPR listening as well for the same reason. I was freaking myself out over things I have no control of. I can easily get the information I need and want. There is a difference between being informed and being innudated.

I now watch Family Guy and the Simpsons while making dinner. And I'm a lot happier for it! Good luck at your company meeting.

444 said...

I could have written the same thing about news. Except I don't watch or listen to news; I read ramblings on seekingalpha and other sites and I start getting panic attacks. So I decided to stop immersing myself in the world of panic-nomics. (Panic-economics.)

That video was just perfect. Thanks for that!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I hope your company doesn't have bad news coming my dear. Debt repayment in general is such a long hard slog and most of the time trying to keep your head down with sticking to budget is boring and oh so necessary, it does drive you round the bend sometimes, LOL! Thanks for your lovely comment, its much appreciated!

paranoidasteroid said...

I've completely given up on watching the news... it will only depress me.

Hope your meeting is just about giving you all big raises!

Ms. MoneyChat said...


i think many of us feel the same way. i need a break from reality as well but my industry won't allow it. i'm immersed hairline deep into the trenches of it. there's nothing that i can do at the moment, nothing but daydream about a better day. (pause for a quick daydream). okay, that felt good for the 10 seconds i went away.

Money Funk said...

Yeh to you who is too stubborn to listen to the outside media about the economy in disaster! (psst, thanks for the Watchmen update).

Although today on the news I actually heard the guy mention "good news on Wall Street". Hmmmm.... ;)

Encouraging words are hard to come by but I like the tone of that. Well, as long as they can keep saying things like that.

MoneyMateKate said...

I'm telling you, the only news worth watching, no matter what the state of the world, is The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Heck, it's televised to the whole world on CNN International!

Miss M said...

Just tune out for awhile, I scan the headlines but rarely read the articles. Looking at my investment balances gets me down, but not as much as the news about the housing market. I guess I've gotten better about ignoring reality, I just don't let it bother me anymore. Some day this will all be over, with any luck we'll all be wiser for the experience. Hope the meeting went OK.