Monday, December 29, 2008

My Post-Christmas Economic Stimulus Activity

I got a couple of gift cards this Christmas and I shall do my duty as a good citizen to spend it to stimulate the economy! (Eh, who am I kidding? I'm going to use them as fast as I can, before either of these stores go bankrupt.)

My parents gave me a $100 gift card from Ann Taylor. This is a thoughtful gift from my mom, since she is aware of my weird superstition of wearing a new outfit (including new underwear) on New Year's Day. A male friend once said it sounded like a bogus superstition I made up to justify buying a new outfit. Ha ha ha. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. ;-P

I already bought my New Year's outfit when I went shopping with my BFF and big sis, but I wouldn't mind buying something extra as well. If you look at my monthly budget, you'll notice I have no allowance for cosmetics or clothing. That is one of the many things I nixed from my budget when I vowed to bring my finances under control. If I need want to buy clothes or cosmetics, I'll have to pay for it from my food budget or pay for it out of my miscellaneous earmark fund. With this gift card, I'm excited I'll be able to shop for clothes without worrying how I'm going to pay for it.

My IT guy gave me a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond. (My IT guy at work and I developed a strange tradition over the years of giving each other gift cards for our birthdays and Christmas. It's a total wash, but it's fun.)

The BBB gift card will come in handy since I'm planning a frugal bedroom makeover before the end of the year. I purchased a bed-in-a-bag on sale from Macy's a couple years ago. (See, picture at right.) I haven't taken it out of the bag yet since my current yellow, floral lampshades will clash with the brown/teal color scheme of the new bed covers. I'm planning to get new lampshades from BBB and possibly some new bath towels. And you better believe I'm going to be using all the 20% discount coupons I've been collecting the past few months for my purchases!

I'll repeat: I LOVE gift cards. :-D


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-have fun getting a new outfit my dear!! I also have a bed in a bag in a lovely floral cream satin, they are very good value for money!!

Sallie's Niece said...

Love the bedspread, enjoy!

Debtfree2009 said...

I too love the bedspread and I really love giftcards.

jpkittie said...

yeah! have fun shopping (kinda for free!!!)

I love the colors of the new bedding!!!

Miss M said...

It's funny you bought a bed set and never opened it. Mine is all mismatched now. I gave up after spending loads of money getting a nice matching set and the duvet quickly fell apart. I'm sure you look smashing in your new suit.

Shtinkykat said...

Got my my new lampshades and my new outfit yesterday and I'm going to take the day off today (30th) to to clean my house in preparation for the New Year. I'm excited to finally use my new bed spreads!

Anonymous said...

ooh, the teal/brown combo is really popular these days...I have a bedset with those colors in it!

oh, and I love the toothpaste for dinner comic!