Thursday, September 25, 2008

These Are Useful Tips to Survive Joblessness??

The Los Angeles Times touted all last week that its Sunday Business Section will provide tips on surviving joblessness. Since I expect to be laid off at the end of this year, I was eager to read this article for some useful tips I may be able to use. I was sorely disappointed.

The article doesn't even include basic information on how to file unemployment benefits. Instead, it provided generic tips like:

  • Be Frugal

  • Talk to Your Creditors

  • Try the Safety Nets (Public and Private Agencies)

  • Take Temporary Work

  • Ummm... Duh... I guess this article pretty much sums up the helplessness of being unemployed, which is a depressing thought in itself.

    I guess I'm on my own to develop my own plan. So far, my plan includes:
  • Seek hardship forbearance on student loans

  • Update resume and draft generic cover letter

  • Prioritize debt/payment obligations

  • Look into acquiring credit card involuntary unemployment insurance while I'm still employed

  • Shore up emergency fund by selling company stocks. (As a follow-up to my prior post, I did sell 14 shares of my company stock. This will help me significantly towards this plan.)
  • I expect to hear word in the next couple of weeks or so. Until then, all I can do is plan, plan, plan....


    Anonymous said...

    Shtinkykat what do you mean with "I expect to hear word in the next couple of weeks or so. Until then, all I can do is plan, plan, plan.... " I thought you had a job. Am I misunderstanding?

    Shtinkykat said...

    I'm currently employed but my company is planning a layoff at the end of the year. The announcement is coming in October (don't have the exact date) and we don't know who will be affected. I'm preparing for the worst that I will be one of the people affected. :-(

    Anonymous said...

    Ohh sorry to hear that. You know what? Be strong and positive at the same time be prepared. Sounds like you already are. Also Send your resume many MANY places.It is all about statistics more resume you send more chance you have.

    Shtinkykat said...

    Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement! I agree. Just like dating, the more people you ask, the more likely you'll get a "yes"/ LOL.