Monday, September 1, 2008

Fell Off the Frugal Wagon Over Weekend

This weekend I spent a couple of days with my friend (and male colleague) from the east coast, MB.


My Saturday started innocently (aka frugally) enough. MB and his pals went sailing for the day, which I did not go, since I would only be good for chumming the waters (if you know what I mean). I instead ran some errands, bought groceries and ate breakfast and lunch at home. (So far so good.)

While I was watching the USC-VA blow-out game on TV, MB invited me to the Waterfront bar where MB & pals were eating and drinking at the patio. I went to the ATM and withdrew $80 from my WF savings account.

When I got to the Waterfront, I opted to only drink 2 glasses of ginger-ale since the cheddarwurst sandwich I made myself for lunch was not sitting well in my stomach. ($5 incl. tips. Excellent!)

Afterwards, MB + pals and I went to Mr. P's in Coronado for dinner and drinks. I drank a pint of Guinness and had a plate of onion rings for $15.00. (So it wasn't a healthy dinner. But I needed deep fried crunchy food with my beer!) Since the gang was exhausted from sailing and drinking, we called it an early night (around 9 p.m.)

TOTAL DAMAGE ON SATURDAY: $20. (Not bad at all.)

Sunday did not go as well as I hoped. MB's pal was playing rugby in the morning so MB and I decided to take a leisurely 2 mile RT stroll to Balboa Park.

By the time we got there, MB and I were drenched so I bought 2 bottles of water to cool us off (Cost: $3.50). We strolled along the museums, but ended up at the bar of the El Prado Restaurant where we ordered chips, queso, salsa,and 3 margaritas for $35.00 incl. tips (my share $15.00).

When we returned to MB's pal's place, MB + pal and I headed to a bar called The Hole, which prides itself as "a pretty much world famous dive". Neither MB nor I are of the sexual orientation of the Sunday patrons at The Hole, but we had a great time nevertheless, since the atmosphere was fun, lively and friendly. What especially helped our mood was the $5 pitcher draft beers and burgers from Flaco's Grill.

A word of note: I'm 5'1" and 105 lbs and my friend is 6'2" and probably over 200 lbs. The boy loves (and can) drink. I, myself, cannot drink a bottle of beer without slurring my words.

I recall drinking my first pitcher of Blue Moon beer and eating a cheeseburger. The rest gets a little bit hazy. I checked my wallet and I only have $20 remaining, which must mean I must have spent $20 or so on beer. (I think MB bought the cheeseburger so I need to pay him later.)



Sigh.... This weekend reminds me of Chumbawamba's Tubthumping song. But all is not lost since my company owes me $121.75 for out-of-pocket cash I spent during my business trips. I'll use some of that to replenish my savings. :-D