Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sleepwalking My Way To A Layoff

I’ve heard that prior to slaughter, cattle are resigned to their fate and walk in a trance-like state. Similarly, I feel like I am sleepwalking through my days until I get laid off at the end of the year.

I hate this feeling. I know I should be appreciative that I currently have a job and making a very good income. My work has always treated me well and I have no reason to be disgruntled. Yet I find it very hard every day to focus on my day-to-day tasks. I often find myself cyber-loafing or finding anything to do other than work. I remind myself that I need to be professional, yet I remain unmotivated.

I don’t only feel this way at work. When I am home, I can’t bring myself to do any housework or to do any of the activities that once brought me joy.

The good news is I used to deal with my blues through retail therapy. Now that I have a budget and a debt reduction/savings plan, I don’t feel tempted to go shopping at all.

I just need someone to slap me and tell me to “Snap out of it!”

And that someone should be me.

Sorry for this downer post. I just seem to be feeling a bit more blue than usual this morning...


Penny said...

are you looking for a new job? are you absolutely certain you'll get laid off?

Shtinkykat said...

I did send out some resumes but I was told that the prospective employer needed someone right away. Unfortunately, I have a tough choice to make since I either have to give up a very generous severance or accept a new job. I've stopped looking since I'm only about 90% sure that I will be laid off. The layoff announcement will come in October.

FruGal said...

I think it's normal to feel that way. Your company can't really expect much else either. I'd take the severence payment and get out of there so you can fully dedicate yourself to getting a new job. Good luck!