Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nabbed by Bad Karma???

In my most recent post, I was debating whether to make a side trip to see my best friend during a business trip. I was having very cheap thoughts about pocketing the excess mileage (and food) reimbursement without seeing her.

As it turns out, I did visit my friend. The mediation I attended ended early (around 3 p.m.) and on a very good note.

I'm glad I caught up with my friend. Over the past year, she'd undergone massive surgery for breast cancer and she had just recently returned to work. I was relieved to see she was recovering very well. It was great just to sit around and chit chat idly about the little going-ons in our lives.

Later that evening, my friend, her husband, another pair of friends and I went to an awesome middle eastern restaurant. I requested a separate check since my portion of the dinner would be reimbursed by my company. I also ordered appetizers (a plate of stuffed grape leaves) and dessert (a tray of baklava) that I shared with the entire table.

Anyhow, during my drive home, I saw that the traffic light at an intersection turned yellow. Driver's Ed taught me that "yellow" meant to slow down to stop, but my mind told my right foot to "punch it"!

I pulled into the intersection while it was yellow, but I have a feeling it turned red immediately thereafter. I also have a nagging suspicion that the traffic camera nabbed me although I couldn't tell whether the camera lights flashed.

According to this article, the citation could cost as much as $400! Sigh.... If I'm issued a ticket, this is probably the karma I deserve for (a) having cheap thoughts associated with visiting my best friend and (b) putting food I shared with my friends on my business account. So much for my plan to use the $98 excess mileage reimbursement towards my Christmas fund....