Friday, January 4, 2013

$50 Food Budget Until the 26th

Like a scared ostrich, I buried my head in the sand last year with respect to my finances.  I'm surprised that even though I was over-budget every month, I didn't run a major deficit.  (Not sure how I managed that feat.)  Nevertheless, I vowed to keep better tabs on my spending this year since my total dollars in the bank was less in Dec. 2012 than 2011.   So....

It's only the 4th and I'm suffering from a financial hangover from the holidays.  I can't believe I've already spent $400 of my $500 food/gas/incidentals budget for January.  This means I need to live off of $100 until the 26th, when my credit card turns over.  Since I expect to spend $50 in gas, that means I only have $50 for food and incidentals.  I've inventoried my fridge and I think I can manage with only buying certain staples like eggs, milk, veggies and fruit.  I'll be eating a lot of starch this month.  I guess my weight loss resolution will have to wait until February.