Friday, February 13, 2009

Back In Business!

There should be a new “golden rule” – Thou shalt be good friends with your IT guy since he can be a great ally at work. (For example, the IT Guy can let you know when your employer is monitoring your internet use at work.) Another case in point, my fabulous IT guy finagled a replacement laptop and I’m back in the blogging business! Woo hoo!

Now that I have my laptop back, I'm eager to spend this weekend checking up on what I've missed around the blogosphere. :-D

Fortunately, nothing much has been happening in my world other than the fact that I’ve been battling several financial Kryptonites this past week. I haven’t caved in yet, but it’s been difficult and I’m not sure I can withstand the temptations.

Kryptonite #1: I Want a New Laptop
My prior post referenced a “home” computer but it was actually my work laptop that I brought home everyday. I was worried that with the laptop going kaput, I would have to use a desktop at work and I would be left without a “home” computer. My problem is temporarily resolved for now, but I can’t rely on having my work laptop for my home computing forever. Eventually, I’ll have to get my own computer.

As if on cue, Costco’s February coupon book arrived in my mail and there’s a $400 off coupon for select Dell Laptops. I’ve been eyeing the pink (yes, pink) Inspiron laptops that cost around $900. The same Costco coupon book also includes an $80 off coupon for a Toshiba laptop, for a discounted price of $549.99.

I previously had $900 in my laptop fund that I’ve had to use to cover other… um… “emergencies” (read: poor planning). The laptop fund is now completely depleted.

I purposely haven’t visited Costco’s website or its warehouse since I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to tap my EF. Worse yet, I'm tempted to buy on credit.

Kryptonite #2: I Want a Digital Camera
The same Costco coupon book has a $70 off coupon for a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 Digital Camera. I’ve been eyeing this camera since Christmas. I currently don’t have a digital camera other than the one built-into my cell phone. The Panasonic camera has 10x optical zoom, 9 megapixel with a 28MM wide angle lens, optical image stabilization and 3” LCD, bonus 1G SD card and case! And did I tell you it’s $70 off????

Kryptonite #3: I Want To Go On Vacation
My IT guy just came back from a project in Honolulu and mentioned that Hawaii’s tourist industry is suffering. I suddenly felt personally responsible to stimulate the Hawaiian economy.

I built a make-believe itinerary that’s neither frugal nor prudent. It contemplates my entire family converging in Los Angeles for an overnight stay, 3 night stay in Maui, 3-night stay in Waikiki and another overnight stay in Los Angeles before everyone goes their merry way home.

Long story short, the total airfare, hotel (which includes breakfast) in L.A. and Hawaii, plus car rental totaled $6,800. Split three-ways, my share would be approximately $2,300.

Kryptonite #4: I Need (Want) A Cordless Phone
The other night, while cooking and talking on my cordless/speaker phone, I accidentally spilled hot water over the phone. Well... now it's dead. A replacement phone costs about $45. I'm struggling with whether this is a need or a want.

Arrrrgggghhhh!!! I thought I purged my spending demons. Why is it suddenly tempting me???

On a brighter note, I'll have some good news to post later today. It hasn't happened yet, but I'll post it once it does. Stay tuned!


jpkittie said...

temptation --- one of the most horrible things when on a budget!!!!

good luck

Miss M said...

Yay, I missed you. We don't have an IT guy at my work, the CAD manager pulls double duty. You have to call the support desk, I hate big companies sometimes. I had a dell laptop and wasn't thrilled with it. That was 10 years ago, no idea what they are like now. I wanted the 16" HP that Costco had on sale last month but it sold out before I decided :( I'm trying to save up again, but this month i broke down and bought a new phone. The free phone was $100 out the door! I hope MJ is doing OK.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-ooh, look forward to hearing the good news! the dell voucher was a very good discount! Pleased to see you back in blogworld!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back! I vote for a vacation to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

I had been fighting off the laptop demon for months (since last summer). I finally bit the bullet and bought one on December. I got a Toshiba, LOTS cheaper than Dell (which was my previous choice, and I've had 2 before, and been very happy with). My neighbor recommended Toshiba, since they are cheaper than Dell and perform kinda like the Honda - cheap and reliable. Having no computer totally sucks!

And I wonder, regarding your need for spending - is there a cyclic time period of being able to be frugal and withstand spending desires, and then there are times when you just want to buy EVERYTHING, and you start scheming and planning and hoping to make it so. I should track my cycles and see if they tie into anything.

Fortitude! Keep resisting!