Tuesday, November 17, 2009

United Did Right By Me

I recently emailed United Airlines to complain about an overcharge for an in-flight meal I didn't purchase. What I didn't mention in my prior post was that I also complained about the malfunctioning sound system on my flight. (I had to watch Julie & Julia in EspaƱol.)

I'm actually surprised that I got a response from United's customer service department.

What's interesting is that United appeared more concerned about the malfunctioning sound system than the overcharge. United's customer service rep started off his email with:
"We realize that any type of malfunction can impact your perception of our overall operation. Please know that we place a great deal of emphasis on proper maintenance of all equipment in our cabins. In fact, our maintenance division has recently completed an audit of each fleet type and taken inventory of problems. Based on that we have established a program to check the cabins of each aircraft every 400 to 1,000 flight hours. We will be identifying and repairing seats, carpets, galley equipment, lights and audio and video equipment. In addition, another maintenance team is concentrating on cleaning methods, audio and video functionality and improved cabin condition monitoring. Still, your disappointment with your flight is understandable, and I will give your constructive feedback to our maintenance and onboard management because we are committed to providing you a positive in-flight experience."

As a good will gesture, United gave me a $100 travel voucher for future travel. The customer service rep also indicated that United will be issuing me a check for $9 to reimburse me for the overcharge. Hurray!

I cautioned that we should all check our receipts at the time of purchase. But it always helps to voice our complaints. If the company values your business, they will do you right. Even if it's an airline.


misskate said...

I have to say that United has really grown in my estimation over the past year. They opened a direct route from the city in which I live to the airport nearest my parents, so after I had to fly home for an emergency and the flight crew was so lovely, I wrote to United to tell them how much I appreciated their staff. They gave me a flight voucher and wrote a lovely note back. Even though the direct flight costs more than laying over somewhere, they have got my business for the moment.

Bonnie said...

I received great customer service from Delta after a nightmare cancelled flight situation. They refunded the leg of my trip that was cancelled and also gave me $200worth of vouchers. Of course, don't get me started on how much time I spent on the phone trying to reach an actual HUMAN before this happened... :) Ultimately, though, I was very pleased with how it was handled.

Ms. MoneyChat said...

finally, the airlines are getting their souls back!

Miss M said...

Cool, I like it when companies still value customer service. I've been highlighting my positive experiences as well, hopefully other companies will get the message.

jpkittie said...

good for you!!!!

paranoidasteroid said...

Aw, yay!

I have had a lot of good experiences with United. Last year they lost my bag and for some reason I had problems checking in, but hteir staff was super friendly and helpful, even as my calls became more and more panicked as the time spent without my bags increased.