Friday, November 13, 2009

Always, Always Check Your Receipt

I've been on a business trip to the Big Easy for the past couple of days. I ate a huge Po-Boy sandwich for lunch, so I wasn't hungry before my return flight. But, of course, the moment I boarded the plane, my stomach started to rumble. Because airline food look less appetizing than the plastic food displays at family restaurants in Japan, I never order them.

But last night, I decided to buy an Antipasto meal ($7) on my United flight. (How bad could salami, cheese and breadsticks be?) Since United no longer accepts cash for in-cabin purchases, I used my credit card to purchase the item. The cabin was dark and I was tired, so I grabbed the receipt and scarfed down the "meal."

When I got off the plane, I finally looked at my receipt. And there it was -- I also got charged for a Thai Chicken Wrap ($9) that I didn't purchase. Although I was ticked off with United about this overcharge, I was more p.o.'d with myself for not checking my receipt while I was on board.

When I got home (after midnight, FYI), I fired up my computer and emailed a complaint to United. Surely if they took an inventory of their food supply for that flight, they must find that they overcharged me, right? I demanded a refund.

I know airlines are nickel-and-diming its passengers for an extra buck, but I hope they're not trying to make an extra buck by stealing. We'll see if United does me right on this. I got an automated response that they will respond within 5 business days. I'll keep you posted.


Revanche said...

Good luck with that -- I've had to duke it out with United before and it takes a little persistence. And if nothing else, you can dispute the charge as an improperly charged amount.

I don't know how tight inventory controls are when flight attendants can give away food for free. The two guys sitting in front of me on my AA flight to LAX charmed the staff and were being served hand and foot, including free food.

paranoidasteroid said...

It probably was a legitimate mistake, but hopefully they'll just refund you the money.

I always keep food with me when I travel for this very reason! Also because I like to pretend I'm healthy, and this way I can control the calorie intake.

444 said...

And also check your credit report! I found an inquiry from Verizon Wireless on my Experian credit report from just two days ago. I called V.W. and they transferred me to the fraud department and I was informed that someone in the metropolitan NYC area (not my area of the country) tried to open four phone accounts using my information. Yikes!

Miss M said...

How annoying, hopefully they take care of it. The food isn't that good to begin with, then to overcharge on top of it. Flying was never fun, now I avoid it as much as possible.

Lulu said...

Yeah I just had an experience with a store where I went to get two new tires on the back...and they charged me for FOUR tire rotations...which I did not ask for.

They put the front tires on the back and put new ones on the front and then decided to charge me FOUR times!!! I caught that and had them refund me immediately.

Money Funk said...

Well, I hope United complies. I rec'd coupons for a free headphone and pillow on my next flight. ;-)

Wonder if they did it on purpose? Hmmm...