Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothing New In My Credit Report

I did my quarterly free credit report check through and pulled my Experian report. I didn't get my FICO score since the jerks at Experian decided that they would no longer sell FICO scores to consumers. Just on principle, I refuse to pay good money for Experian's bogus FAKE-O score.

I'm not surprised that I didn't find anything weird in my Experian report since I'm getting AAA's free identity theft/credit monitoring service.

I just found the same ol' (emphasis on the 'old') negative items that will fall off my credit report by next year. I'm hoping my FICO score will improve to around 800 early next year since my credit cards are paid off and most of my negative items will disappear. *Fingers crossed*

Experian credit report prepared for
Your report number is
Report date: October 10, 2009

7 Total Potentially Negative Items

Five (5) Private Student Loan Accounts
90 days past due as of Apr 2003

60 days past due as of Mar 2003

One (1) Law School Perkins Loan Account (Paid Off)
60 days past due as of Jan 2003
30 days past due as of Jun 2003, Dec 2002

One (1) Macy’s Account
30 days past due as of Nov 2003


Money Funk said...

I always order the Vantage Score from Experian. It's always been a good indicator to me. I'm not partial to the FICO score anyway.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to pull mine, too.

Miss M said...

Probably time for me to check mine as well. I'm not too concerned with my score though, I don't plan on taking out any loans in the near future and my score has never been a problem before. You must be excited to see those negatives disappear.

Ms. MoneyChat said...

yikes, hadn't pulled mine in at least a year, i'm sure of it.