Friday, October 3, 2008

$25 ING Referral Bonus

I've made a conscious decision not to include any advertisements on my blog since I didn't start it to make extra money. I also didn't want my content to be influenced by any advertisers either. I debated whether to include the ING referral bonus on my blog for this very reason and decided against it early on.

But I've reconsidered this decision after I read how fellow bloggers Money Beagle and Evgren just recently opened their new ING accounts. I don't know if these bloggers received a referral bonus from someone else, but in the event they didn't, I regret I didn't let them know about this.

I've had my ING account for a couple of years and I love it. It's my primary savings account and it is very user friendly. I strongly endorse the service and product so I doubt there's any conflict for me to blog about this referral bonus. (But in the spirit of full disclosure, I want to point out that if you open an ING account with a minimum initial deposit of $250 and a referral, I get a $10 bonus as well.)

If you're interested, please leave a comment with your email address and I will have a referral sent to you.


Anonymous said...

I admit I do tend to wonder at some of the advertisements on the PF/Debt blogs - credit cards, payday loans, etc, but I don't think ING falls in the same class. This is something that benefits the account holder, without the potential pitfalls (or, in the case of PDLs - outright rapaciousness), of a questionable service.

If you use ING, and are pleased with it, and referrals gain both you and your readers some bonuses, I don't see any conflict at all. Just wish you'd had it up before so I could have passed on some good karma. :-)

Shtinkykat said...

I'm so sorry! I debated about this for a while because it seemed very self-serving since I also get a $10 referral bonus. I noticed that other bloggers also have this referral bonus on their blogs so I chose not to. I regret that decision now.

Anonymous said...

I did have a referral from another blogger. So sorry you didn't have yours up! But, ING is so good that I don't think you'll get plenty of referrals. I will probably add a referral program as well. I dont want my blog to seem slanted or an advertisement, but with ING, I look at it that it's promoting a good thing and the $25 is meant to encourage savings, which is something we as a society could use a lot more of.

You have my OK! :)

Shtinkykat said...

Cool! Thanks MoneyBeagle!

Anonymous said...

I think ING is a totally understandable thing to pass on. Same with things like CashCrate & Inbox Dollars and such. That way, you're advertising things that are ways for people to make money and also give you a bonus.

Granted, this is from someone who monetizes her blog, so take it all with a grain of salt.

I dunno, this is a very personal thing. I don't let my content get influenced by what I think advertisers will go for. That's how I rationalize the ads' presence. Because I definitely use/appreciate the little extra funds that the ads afford me. And it gives me an excuse to keep up this blog-writing hobby.

That said, I'm trying to experiment with my blog to make the ads present but not too intrusive. It's a balancing act that I'm sure I'm far from done learning.