Sunday, January 8, 2012

Manual Labor is Hard (Or Maybe I'm Just a Wimp)

Thank you for your well wishes! I spent most of the week cleaning and dusting the condo. Unfortunately, the prior owner was not much of a housekeeper was a disgusting pig and the place (especially the kitchen), was pretty nauseating. To be fair, though, I really have no basis to criticize. After all, I had difficulty locating a bottle of pledge in my current apartment. :-P

The one thing about short sales is that the seller really doesn't give a sh!t about the home. (Although in my case, I don't think the prior owner ever had any concept of scrubbing/dusting/wiping.) I've heard about owners throwing fire crackers or cement down toilets and virtually gutting the place before they lose their home. I don't have anything egregious like that, but this owner has pretty much neglected this unit for the past 14 years she owned this.

For example:

14 years of dust accumulation in the fireplace screen:

Debris on kitchen floor:

Filthy dishwasher:

Deeesgusting kitchen sink:

As I've said, I've been scrubbing like I've never scrubbed before.

Before and After of the Gross Kitchen Drawer:

Before and After of the Dirty Countertop Tile Grout:

Tile Floor Grout Cleaning in Progress:

I am completely pooped from the scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, that I've been doing this past week. And I still have to do the Master Bathroom and Laundry Room. Manual labor is hard and I'm not even doing the heavy stuff! I'm a total wimp.