Thursday, December 29, 2011

ARRRRrrrggggh!!! Closing Hits a Snag Due to Incompetence

We're down to the wire and we may not be able to close by 12/30, all because my loan processor is a freaking, lying, incompetent idiot.

On December 16, my loan processor inquired whether she can charge $85 on my credit card for an HOA questionnaire fee. I authorized the charge.

Last Friday, on December 23, I was contacted by my insurance agent that my lender requested Evidence of Insurance. I authorized payment on my credit card and my agent submitted a binder to my lender.

On Tuesday, December 27, my loan processor advised that all documents were received and that my file was with the underwriter for final approval.

On Wednesday morning, December 28, my loan processor advises that she needs me to authorize another credit card charge for an HOA certification for the second association. This time, she doesn't advise me of the charge amount in advance. When I inquired, the charge was $217. I discover that the charge includes an expediting fee. When I inquired why she didn't order the documents back on the 16th, she dances around the issue and blames it on the first association for not providing all documentation and the underwriter for not getting back to her until yesterday.

Now, we're scrambling to meet the 12/30/2011 closing deadline placed by the short sale lender. It irritates me that the idiot loan processor neglected to order the necessary documents from both HOAs back on the 16th. Because of her negligence, I may not be able to close in time by the 30th, which has tax implications and other monetary consequences like having to pay 31 days worth of interest in advance. The worst part is this idiot loan processor's failure to admit fault.


Michelle P said...

Sounds like an idiot! I'm sorry.