Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short Sale Whiplash -- Lender Reconsidering?

While I was in the old country placing my father's ashes into the family grave, I got word from my real estate agent that the short sale lender wants a "live signature" (as opposed to an electronic signature) on my offer of $342,500. I'm told the short sale lender will then submit the offer to an investor for final decision.

I re-submitted my written offer but I'm not holding my breath. Knowing these greedy idiots, they'll probably counter back at $375,000 for the third time.

You know what's funny? Had these idiots countered at, say, $360,000, rather than holding firm at $375,000, I would have seriously considered increasing my offer. Now, I'm more motivated than ever to stick to my line in the sand. I am not the desperate one at this party. I'm not the idiot that lent $450,000+ on a condo that's never been renovated since 1991.