Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Countered

Hmmmm... No response from the short sale lender after we put our counter-to-their-counter in writing. Is it possible that the delay is caused by a new boss at BofA's troubled mortgage servicing department?

I initially thought BofA's lack of an immediate response as a sign that it's crunching numbers to decide whether to accept our counter. I would think that if BofA was planning to stand firm, it wouldn't have asked for a written counter and just rejected us verbally. But now I'm wondering if BofA is entertaining other offers right now? Am I being cheated on???? Surely they've read the most recent bad news in the San Diego housing market, right?

I don't deal with uncertainty in my personal life too well. I dwell and obsess. Maybe that's why I've never been married and am still single. Hmph.

I guess I need to think about the bright side - - the longer this is drawn out, the better, because my apartment lease doesn't end until November 3o, 2011. If we had a sales contract now, we'd probably close by the end of September, leaving me with double housing payments (rent + mortgage) for two months.

And perhaps I just need to remind myself that if this doesn't go through I'll still be okay...